Coffee Runs the Art World: Myth or Fact?

Coffee Runs the Art World: Myth or Fact?

Franz Kline at Cedar Bar - Greenwich Village 1950s

I have to put this in the category of fact and definitely not myth although Coffee Culture is definitely of mythic proportion. Coffee is for working and thinking and expressing and beer and wine for socializing and theorizing. All the best and craziest ideas come from brew pub socializing among artists¬† – I call it getting ‘Beeriliant‘. Then you work out your beeriliant ideas on coffee in the studio.


Around our studio, coffee definitely plays a part in my work-a-day world. Drinking coffee is the first thing I do in the morning, every morning. On a nice day, Rosalia and I sit out on the veranda, drink coffee and listen to the birds singing. I like my coffee hot and steamy, I like it with cream and sugar (now stevia). I like my coffee with a smoke (now vape – I love my Mr. Puffy – the mod and atomizer with juice (the liquid used to make the vapor. Best toy I ever got). The best thing about is it smells nice and doesn’t destroy your lungs.

My wife Rosalia and I even once had a coffee house in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Man! That was some good coffee. Now you might think I am crazy, but really mostly impatient and lazy because what I drink now is mostly Nescafe instant coffee. I guess I picked up this habit when we lived in Cuernavaca, Mexico even though we did have a roaster who grew their own coffee beans and it was pretty good stuff.

“Even though the Viennese coffee house culture is renowned the world over, Vienna was not the first city in history with a coffee house. There were several coffee houses in Mecca as early as the 12th¬†century. The first coffee house in Europe opened in Venice in 1647. The first coffee houses in England were opened in 1650 and 1652. And in Vienna the first coffee house opened only in 1683.
Even if Vienna was not the pioneer in coffee house culture, it has – over the centuries – established a coffee house tradition like no other city in the world. Coffee and coffee houses are at their best in Vienna!” (see article)

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